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[FANACCOUNT TRANS]130608 Kai compilation at Sicheon Fansign Event

• Kai drew a moustache for MrDestiny and said that the fried chicken was very yummy. pic.twitter.com/GFMKBgYnYx
• Q: What is your wish that is not fulfilled . Kai: Watching Chelsea club in a big match.
• Kai is so random today. Kai said “i want to have a fanboy too” and then he said “i miss my unique hair”
• KIMKAI fansite master told Kai to sign to ‘KIMKAI’ and Kai asked “Kim Kai? Isn’t that me?”
• Jongin said he watches Shingeki no Kyojin.
• Kaura told Kai to sign to ‘Kaura’, he immediately said “Oh I know this” & signed hearts 
• When fansign was ending, the members said they really want to get 1st place, they told fans they need to keep on listening to the same song. Kai said even though you love Baby Don’t Cry a lot, you still need to keep listening to Wolf! Chanyeol even told them to listen (stream) through phones
• D.O shaked his head from side to side when fans apologized for today’s MuCore incident. Kai & Chanyeol talked about the fans’ safety
• Kai made wolf ears and said they(exo) would’ve had 4 ears by now if that was the case.
• When it was Kai’s turn to speak, he didn’t know what to say, kept awkwardly dry laughed. Tao gave him an expressionless look and tried snatching his mic. Kai turned to him and did a gesture as though he was gonna hit Tao.
• Kai told fans he hopes everyone votes for them 3 times a day or so and always always always listen (stream) their songs. Kai and Chanyeol both said they really want to win first, so every do keep streaming and listen to their song. But Lay said if fans keep listening their ears would hurt, Kai replied “Our ears are already straight anyway right /doing wolf ears on his head/”

cr: exonyeoshidae, exojjs, SEHUNITED, Breezhug, kimkaierro, toffeegee, luhanqt, Geehyeqq, 海天月夜, exotastics, 生菜蝈蝈
v: jongin-id


The sexiest vid ever seen. 

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